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Therapy dogs in our service! 

About Animal Assisted Therapy 

Animal Assisted Therapy is a target-oriented occupation where the presence and activity of a specially prepared  therapy dog is an integral part of the development process and aims at developing the physical, emotional, social and thinking functions of the participants themselves.

What do we offer?

... What is the essence and content of training? Knowing better ourselves and the world of others, what

we called the best. Those who...

  • Are honest,
  • Hold a true mirror to us,
  • reflect our communication and behavior without any distortion,
  • are our companions for tens of thousands of years, ...


In addition to our specialized therapeutic dogs, we offer a special experience in corporate team building, personality development sessions, or even child and adult joint programs. 


Come and stay in active contact with our dear and cheerful clever therapy dogs as you meet new faces, play games or develop your communication skills! 

We are also looking forward to those who may be afraid of dogs, as therapy dogs are reliable, relaxed and kind.  

Team building experience programs with therapy dogs

Are you a businessman, a retired senior, a mother, a dog fan or someone skeptic interested in dogs? Come on, no matter what your condition is, our dogs will show you a mirror! You are replenishing with them and you can use and develop your skills that will affect you as a medicine.

3 hours of co-operation and play in a team-building program with  the help of skilled therapeutic dogs. In every minute of the program you are in physical contact with these wonderful dogs, whether you are stroking them or playing games together! 

The therapeutic dog becomes a catalyst and a communication channel between us! You're not "just" looking at them, but exchanging energy while a teamis forming!

Joint play with a therapeutic dog, performing tasks creates a pleasant environment, improves mood, relieves stress and brings people together.

During the team building program, the unconditional devotion, love and honesty of our dogs have a stress-relieving effect, the cheerful atmosphere excites the participants from the stressful environment of everyday life. Dogs can experience how joyful work is, it is possible for the participants to get closer to each other and to themselves.

We are doing skate games that you can take with your therapies in person and with your partners.

The program is a 3-hour leisure activity, but if you feel good and stay there we will have a further half an hour.

At the end of the program, we guarantee your soul, your body will be replenished!

Development of leadership, management and communication skills with therapy dogs

Something new for people who want to evolve!

An Innovative School of Communication and Confidence Building

VIP activity in 3-hours groups with qualified therapeutic dogs and trainer, with the development and testing of concentrated competences in focus.

Our skilled therapeutic dogs are an active participant in the tasks you can play to get acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of your own and your partner's personality. In life-style situations, you may be faced with how much you are capable of managing and communicating well.

Dogs play a catalytic role in the communication process, forming a bridge between you and your companions.

In addition to the dogs and their handlers, this program will be accompanied by a professional practicing project manager and trainer. 

We discuss the tasks and experiences, exchange and summarize our opinions. We learn from each other! The therapeutic dog will serve you as the noblest "tool" becomes a communication channel between us! 

Every minute of the program you are physically in touch with the dog. You work with him, you control him. Sometimes you will see what happens from signs, sometimes from energies and sometimes you will laugh at your own ignorance.

At the end of the session, you will work alone with the dog in a complex task and we guarantee yoursuccess and the smile on your face.

It is said that the therapeutic dog and owner are the embodiment of highest level of communication and trust. In this program, you become a leader and we trust that you will feel self-confidence. 

Hobby pet owner workshops and 4-occassions owner trainings with therapy dogs

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